Michael Hutchinson favorite to be Leafs back-up goalie for 2019-2020 season.

With questions surrounding The Maple Leafs back-up job at the end of the season and heading into the playoffs following an announcement of Garret Sparks assignment these questions continue to loom into the off season.

The 2019-2020 schedule was released today and there won’t be much time into the regular season to figure it out as the Leafs will square off in 4 back to backs in October starting the 1st weekend of the season (4th & 5th).

To say Garret Sparks is penciled in as ‘the guy’ is no longer the case and with upwards of 4 other possibilities it appears as though Michael Hutchinson would be the #1 option. In 5 NHL games with the Leafs in 2018-2019 Hutchinson posted a 2.64 GAA and .914SV%, nothing spectacular but respectable and certainly worthy of a longer look.

Although we’ve seen what Ian Scott can do after a record breaking season with Prince Albert and a bounce back year for Joseph Woll in The NCAA it would be unfair to throw them to the wolves in The NHL without some time in The AHL under Sheldon Keefe and The Marlies. Leaving Kasimir Kaskisuo the only other logical option as a possiblity after a phenomenal Calder Cup Playoffs with The Marlies.

It is not a worrisome situation as The Leafs have an abundance of options however it is an intriguing one and it will be followed closely during the off season.

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