Kyle Dubas in for busy summer with RFA’s and Trades.

First and foremost and number 1 on Kyle Dubas’ priority list this off season is to try to lock up Maple Leafs leading scorer Mitch Marner, although things appear to be at a stand still as Marner’s Camp is seeking 11M+ while Leafs managment is in the 9-10M per year range.

Things could turn into a William Nylander situation as Marner’s camp has threatened to take an offer sheet while The Leafs appear willing to call their bluff.

Rounding out other RFA’s is Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson whom have both been linked to trade rumors and potential offer sheets themselves.

As for trades there has been multiple potential deals reported, most notably being Nikita Zaitsev who has requested a trade out of Toronto.

Although his contract that will pay 4.5M annually until 2024 appeared unmovable there are multiple teams interested in aquiring The Leafs defenseman including both Edmonton and Vancouver.

The next biggest name would be highly respected Patrick Marleau, with reports released that The Marleau family has already been moved back to California it is inevitably that the veteran forward is dealt this off season.

This would bring substantial cap relief to The Maple Leafs (6.25M) however it would be a huge loss off the ice for his role model character to the younger players.

Lastly a trade to keep your eye on is Connor Brown, it is speculated that Edmonton was very interested in The Leafs defensive forward at The Trade Deadline however they ran out of time on negotiations and this could be revisited this summer as The Oilers would love to reunite him with former Erie Otter teammate Connor McDavid.

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