Where We’ve Been: A Series

Where We’ve Been:  Preview


Written by Brian Margarit


In what seems like an entire lifetime ago, there was nothing I enjoyed more than writing about the history of the Leafs. But, life comes at you fast. Where you’ve been and how you got there is now more important to me than that. But now I’ve circled back to realize that, in my opinion, you can’t fully appreciate the Leafs until you know it’s history – much like life. The ups and downs, they matter. You can’t bleed blue unless you can understand how much of it has been spilled to get here.

This is the first in a series of articles that I hope will take you through our storied past and give you an appreciation of the franchise. There is over 100 years of history to process, and it’s tragic that the majority of fans don’t know Apps locker room presence, Broda’s public weight battle with the team, Ace Bailey’s promising career ending as it did or even the hardest shot in NHL history. This franchise was started on a hail mary bet in a horse race.

It’s our intention to shine a light on these details to reveal both the humanity and importance of the men that gave their all for glory.  When men played not for the money, but because it’s all they knew.  From Dye to Reilly, Broda to Anderson – we endeavour to give the subject matter the respect it deserves.  We hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.  












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