Patrick Marleau brings a lot more to The Maple Leafs than production.

When Patrick Marleau signed with the Maple Leafs in 2017 to a 3 year contract it received mixed reviews from the fan base, mainly due to his age and his AAV (6.25M) However those fans didn’t take into account what else he brings.

Leadership, and veteran presence something the Organization was lacking. The young prospects instantly grew fond of the 20 year vet but none more than Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews whom have jokingly become his sons.

In his 1st year with the Maple Leafs he scored 27 goals and added secondary scoring to the club although so far this year he has struggled with just 12 goals. After a week break during the All-Star festivities he appears rested and ready for his 18th playoff run as he has 4 points in 3 games since returning to action.

Patrick Marleau has an incredible work ethic and nutritional guide, one that rubs off on young players as he hasn’t missed a game in 10 and a half seasons. He has a voice that draws the attention of the room, when he speaks the team listens and lastly he keeps the younger players from the ‘party’ life with inviting them into his home and treating them as family.

Although his production may not be what it used to be, Patrick Marleau is a huge part of The Maple Leafs and their success on and off the ice.

3 thoughts on “Patrick Marleau brings a lot more to The Maple Leafs than production.

  1. Marleau is outstanding and is a wonderful leader. To me he would be one great Captain of the Toronto maple leafs 🙂


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