Getting to Know Elite Prospect Jeremy Bracco

Every athlete, in every sport, always has to deal with comparisons. LeBron to Jordan, Harper to Trout, Sid to Ovi but recently in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and among leafs fans there’s been another comparison. NHL Superstar Mitch Marner vs AHL Superstar Jeremy Bracco.

Though Marner and Bracco have similar playing styles, and are both pass first shoot later kinda guys thats about were the comparisons should end.

Bracco named after 9 time NHL all-star Jeremy Roenick was selected by the Maple leafs 61st overall in the 2015 NHL entry draft 57 spots after Mitch Marner. I started to wonder if they’re so comparable then why was there such a gap between draft positions?

Bracco shows elite level skating, filthy hands and is a playmaking phenom. This is Braccos first full season with The Toronto Marlies, after being a healthy scratch for most of the 2017-18 season at head coach Sheldon Keefe’s request that the small winger gain strength and bulk up.

Bracco, now out to prove a point is leading the AHL in assists (30) and is tied for 10th in the league with points (40). Jeremy has become a point a game producer and is only improving each game he plays.

With guys like Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson making the Leafs full time this year, the 5’9 180lb right winger made the most of his opportunity and has solidified a spot on the Marlies top line with veteran Chris Muller and fellow top prospect Dmytro Timashov. Bracco is doing for Mueller what Marner is for Tavares, creating plays out of nothing and generating scoring chances launching aforementioned Chris Mueller to top point producer of the Marlies.

His main attribute is his unique skating ability which he demonstrates on a gamely basis. His ability to skate sideways and his elite level edge work is one not often seen in the NHL, this is likely due to his early involvement in figure skating much like Nhl all-stars Joe Pavelski and Jeff Skinner.

Is Bracco the next Marner? No.
He is still easily knocked off the puck and shys away from ANY physicality. Jeremy should have a bright NHL future and should have a great opportunity next year to crack a stacked leafs roster but unfortunately, he is NOT the next Marner.

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Elite Prospect Jeremy Bracco

  1. I don’t think he will, he’s been to much of a stand out. For that defence man I think you’ll see a trade involving Johnsson and a 1st or something along those lines. I don’t believe dubas plans on moving a prospect unless it’s to good of a deal to pass up


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